M. Ángeles Quiroga

Individual Differences

Faculty of Psychology

Universidad Complutense de Madrid



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M. Ángeles Quiroga is Professor of Psychology, at Facultad de Psicología (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

The main topic of her academic career is Individual Differences. Her main research has principally focused on Cognitive Styles, working with Professor S. Santostefano at the Institute for Child and Adolescent Development (ICAD, Wellesley MA). New computerized cognitive styles measures for adults, have been elaborated (Quiroga, Martinez-Molina, Lozano & Santacreu, 2011).

She is currently working with (1) R. Colom at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on the neuroanatomical basis of intelligence; (2) J. Santacreu at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid on measuring impulsivity and ADHD through computerized tasks; (3) J. Fernández on Sexual Attraction and ambulatory assessment of Gender Roles (Fernández, Quiroga, Del Olmo, Aróztegui y Marín, 2011).

Five years ago she started a brand new research program focused on Intelligence and Video Games. Results are published on Computers and Education (Quiroga, Herranz, Gómez-Abad, Kebir, Ruiz, & Colom, 2009) and The International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design (Quiroga, Román, Catalán, Rodríguez, Ruiz, Herranz, Gómez-Abad & Colom, 2011).


Individual Differences (6 ECTS), theory and practice. This topic is being taught on a unique semester from October to January.

Practices include: Observation of individual differences; Evaluation of individual differences (mainly intelligence, abilities and cognitive resources); Basics for research on individual differences.

Under and Post Graduate Students interested on individual differences research can contact via email.

Topics for next year are: (1) Intelligence and Health; (2) Intelligence and Video-games; (2) Computerized assessment of individual differences (attention, intelligence, gender roles)